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Chair Massage

Tonia, On Site during the Indian Canyon Golf Tournament in Spokane, WA. and on the Fairways Golf Course in Cheney, WA.
Chair Massage - Event and Corporate - On Site

Tonia is specially trained to do Chair Massage and will visit your office or event -

  •    available to come on a regular basis - 2 hour minimum

  •    or for special events - 2 hour minimum

  •    Chair Massage is also available in our Massage Room - 30 minute minimum

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On Site Chair Massage is growing rapidly in popularity, it enables people working high pressure jobs, and long hours to receive personal care on the spot. Therapeutic Massage is beneficial for people meeting deadlines, as well as for preventative care and maintenance.
Chair Massage is also available for holiday parties and also as a quarterly reward for a job well done to your employees.​

Seated Chair Massage -

  •   Is a fast, effective and versatile form of Body Massage

  •   Unlike more traditional Massage Techniques, Chair Massage is done through clothing - no oils are used.

  •   Unwind in a special chair designed to comfortably support your body

  •   The sessions are tailored to release built up stress and tension in your neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands.

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Call for information and pricing
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Two hour minimum
The depth of the massage is based on the individuals needs, ranging from very firm pressure to a lighter touch for those who are more sensitive.
Our Chair Services provide a massage on the scalp, neck, shoulders, arms and back. A Massage Therapist’s trained and caring touch can have a profound effect on your physical, mental and emotional state.  

Increases productivity and morale; makes work literally less of a "pain in the neck" - makes everyone feel so good! Offered at events and workplaces using a special, portable Massage Chair. Massage Therapy in the workplace provides an opportunity to soothe away the effects of work-related stress.
Want to say Thank You to your co-workers or employees, give me a call to set up a time to provide some much needed relaxation.  

If you’re planning on having a get together of family, friends or whether you are planning a large charity event, a Chair Massage may be just the added touch you are looking for.

Benefits of an On Site Massage

  •    Relief from soreness and tension in muscles

  •   Relief from mental, physical and emotional stress

  •   Prevention and relief of repetitive strain injury

  •   Improved breathing and circulation 

  •    Increased mental focus and awareness

  •   Increased energy

  •   Improved muscle tone and ease of movement

  •   Overall sense of well being 

Massage Therapy Services offered in Spokane WA 
All Massages are tailored to the individuals needs