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LaStone Therapy & Executive Stone Relief Therapy

​LaStone Therapy & Executive Stone Relief Therapy

LaStone Therapy is the dance of alternating temperatures relaxes and yet revives. Truly divine! 

Life is a journey, take one step at a time.........Anonymous

LaStone Therapy is wonderfully warm and nurturing. It is very effective in melting away knots, tension and stress in the body. 
The energies of the stones, when used together, create a slow, warming, deep penetrating massage, making the client feel “recharged” when the treatment is over.. 

Experience the deeply nurturing and grounding sensation of being enveloped in hot basalt lava stones. Hot stones warm and massage your body easing away tension, cool marble stones eases inflammation, congestion, and tension in the body. 

LaStone Therapy is a new alternative to a traditional Swedish Massage. It’s an application of thermotherapy using smooth, deep penetrating heated volcanic lava basalt stones while contrasting with cool ocean based marble stones. The energies of the stones, when used together, create a slow, warming, deep penetrating massage, making the client feel “recharged” when the treatment is over.

The stones are alternating in temperatures between 32 to 140 degrees, which helps clients to enter a deeper dimension of relaxation, while releasing blocked memory patterns in the body. LaStone Therapy balances all levels of emotional, mental and physical energies in the body.

Due to the varying temperatures of the stones, there is also an exchange of blood, lymph and digestive fluids in the body which causes a rapid, changing increase in blood circulation. With this type of Massage you are getting 3 massages in 1, thus making it extremely important that the client drinks glassfuls of water the day prior, the day of and the day after the massage.

Imagine relaxing on a sun warmed pebble beach and totally letting go of all your daily worries, and let the touch of Massage Therapy with the heat of the stones melt away your tension.

Many clients have tried other types of modalities to feel better and have found that
LaStone Therapy has provided the most and best relief.

Executive Stone Relief Massage-

This is a new and different approach than A Legacy of Massage’s other stone massage bodywork. In this service, there is a combination of stone movement using basalt and marble stones along with stone placement and the use of essential oils to provide a deeper sense of relaxation with therapeutic benefits.


If you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or are under the care of a physician for any reason, consult with your physician and Tonia prior to receiving a stone massage. It is advisable to drink plenty of water after your stone massage session, due to the effect of the stones on your overall body temperature

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