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Foot Massages

Foot and Hand Massage - invigorates tired, aching, and sore feet - leaving your feet fresh, attractive, tingling and with you feeling better all over. Or pamper your arms and hands, which also invigorates sore and tired upper extremities.
You could certainly do with the refreshing fitness that follows a thorough Massage.

We offer - several different types of Hand and Foot Massages - Tonia can help you choose the right one for you call (509) 483-2398

Aromatic Foot Massage combines warming and relaxing aromas, started
off by a 20 minute Juniper berry foot soak and then a 20 minute Foot Massage,
using custom blended essential oils mixed with Massage cream. The Massage
ends with a Chinese Clay Mask that leaves your feet feeling as though
they have gotten up and walked away!!! 

Benefits of Reflexology:

  •  Primarily Relaxes the Body

  •   Increases Circulation

  •   Loosens Muscles

  •   Increases Nerve Pathways

  •   Increases Lymphatic Drainage and Blood Circulation

Aromatic Foot Massage
  includes LaStone Therapy

Benefits from any of our Foot and Hand Massage sessions are manifold -
calmness and serenity, improved circulation, improved lymph flow, increased energy, balanced emotions, detoxification, relaxation, homeostasis, a safe modality, and emotional release among many others.

Since stress can be either mentally, emotionally, physically or environmentally induced, a good foot Massage with some reflexology, can help the body to function better with prolonged stress and provide a little more peace of mind for you and your body.

A Legacy of Massages also offers different packages with the Reflexology massages & the Full Body massages.

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Foot and Hand Reflexology Massage
Reflexology is a specialized form of Massage applied to the feet and hands, which stimulates the body’s healing forces to restore and balance the body to health.

The feet and hands are viewed as maps or mirrors of the body consisting of energy zones that stimulate and supply energy to all organs of the body.
By applying a full range of “pressure therapy” to these reflex points the Massage is designed in an attempt to favorably influence other body functions. 

Paraffin Wax Dip plus Massage-  offered for hands or feet or bothand with or without Aromatherapy

Paraffin dip involves dipping your hands to the wrist and feet to the ankle three times in a special paraffin wax that helps to soften your skin and restore lost moisture. The paraffin is a deep moisturizer that opens up the pores and allows for the lotion to soak in and penetrates deeper into the skin during the Massage. So wear a short sleeved shirt, and loose leg pants

Arm and Hand Aromatic Massage - a 30 minute Massage using special essential oils to invigorate the senses and revitalize the muscles in the upper extremities. The Massage provides instant relief and allows for an increase in blood circulation. This service is especially beneficial for the clients, who types on a computer, plays golf, tennis or those who just want to feel good!!! After your Massage is over, treat yourself to a wonderful salt glow, ask for details.. Call today for an Aromatic Experience.

Regular Foot Massage is both physically and psychologically soothing, and leaves the body feeling totally refreshed. .Foot Massage relieves stress, aches and pain, and lowers the chance of back pain and back injury.

Warm stones are placed between each toe during a full body LaStone Massage or an Aromatic Foot Massage

Massage Therapy Services offered in Spokane WA 
All Massages are tailored to the individuals needs