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Facial Massage

Facial Massage - A series of techniques used to clear and revitalize the facial skin.

A Legacy Of Massage Spa Facials consists of the use of ALL NATURAL ingredients.
Each Spa Facial includes an Exfoliation, Cleanser, the traditional Clay Toner and a Facial Massage.  

We offer two types of Aromatic Spa Facials
All Facials consists of the use of some essential oils, an exfoliation, cleanser, mask, toner, facial massage and hand massage.

A basic 60 minute Aromatic Spa Facial

A stress reducing 75 minute Aromatic Spa Facial which includes hot and cool stones

The Aromatic Spa Facial Massage caters to both women and men (clean shaven).
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All Stone Massages must be prepaid
24 hours in advance.
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Precautions ~Claustrophobia, chronic dilation of capillaries causing blotches on the skin, cold sore, cuts, diabetes, herpes, high blood pressure, inflammation, rosacea, skin diseases, sunburn, impaired temperatures(sensations), eggs, seaweed, lemon, brown sugar.

Types Of Aromatic Spa Facials


Spa Facials do include the use of Essential Oils,
depending on the type of Facial given.

Each Facial includes a hand Massage.

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75 minute Hot and Cold Stone Facial includes Neck and Shoulder Massage

The use of stones during the Facials are beneficial for stress reduction and may be beneficial for some health conditions..
Such as sinus and allergy sensitivities.

The hot and cool stones are used for a deeper sense of relaxation

Basic Aromatic Spa Facial Massage- This facial is designed to rejuvenate the skin & help relax the muscles of the face. The use of stones may be used. Call or e-mail to reverse the effects of time for this 60 minute experience.

Deluxe Basic Aromatic Facial Massage- This Facial includes the same as the basic Facial and a Paraffin Dip on the Hands and Feet, which restores and moisturizes the skin. Call or e-mail to treat yourself to 90 minutes of pampering.

Essential Spa Facial- This Facial concentrates on the upper body. Included in this service is a massage on the neck, shoulders, arms and hands. Call or e-mail to treat yourself to 90 minutes of upper body tension release.

Signature Service Facial Massage- This Facial is guaranteed to provide Ultimate Relaxation, using hot and cool temperature stones throughout the 75 minute Facial. This Facial is highly recommended for people who are upper body stressed and for clients who experience sinus congestion often. Call or e-mail to treat yourself to a stress free experience.

Paraffin Paradise- add a Paraffin Mask to any massage facial to enhance the massage facial experience.
Paraffin Masks are perfect for anytime during the year, but much more captivating during the cooler months in the Northwest.

The Benefits of the Paraffin Mask-
~ It reduces dryness and superficial lines. The warmth of the Paraffin also provides both general and muscular relaxation, it increases internal circulation, stimulates lymph flow, dilates blood vessels, relaxes dead skin cells.
~The Paraffin Mask will leave the skin on your face hydrated, soft and pliable.

Full Body and Aromatic Foot Massages may be combined with Facials for an additional charge.

Divulge yourself in 80 minutes of facial bliss today!!

A good compliment to any Spa Facial is the sign of “happy” feet.
Would you like to schedule an Aromatic Spa Foot Massage along with your Spa Facial?
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All Massages are tailored to the individuals needs